9 things that can alter the value of your home

1. Updated Kitchen: this room has become critical in the home. People love to have counter space and an easy set up to move around.

-Whats important in a kitchen?

  • Solid surface counters
  • Quality Flooring (wood, laminate, tile, or stone)

Cabinetry and counters in good condition and will not need replacing soon.


2. Modern Bathrooms:

  • Spacious master baths
  • Double Vanities (preferably the higher ones 36″)
  • Separate Shower/ Bath
  • Whirlpool/Spa Bath

3. Master Suite:

  • Walk-in closets (Preferably his/ hers)
  • Roomy master bedroom and bath

4. Natural Needs: With this human race on a natural kick, it shows in the residential market as well.

  • Ceramic tiles, hardwood floors, and granite

5. Curb Appeal: First appearance of a home is crucial.  If a buyer sees something he does not like before even entering they can quickly form a negative opinion.

  • Well kept lawn and landscaping- put down pine straw/mulch where needed
  • Power wash
  • Clean entry way and windows

6. Landscaping: Already having professional landscaping in place is worth money.

7. Basement: Basements are good for storage- if they are dry that is. A finished basements gets your big time points today

8. Light: Having a well lit,bright house helps.  Living in dark spaces tend to make people depressed and unhappy.  Open the windows and blinds for showing.  The new lights have to be turned on for a couple minutes before becoming their true brightness- turn all lights on 10 minutes before open houses or caravans.

9. Storage: Nothing beats an over sized garage, attic space, or a basement to keep those extra things we have.




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